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Our modus operandi is marked by programmed and well-defined processing phases:

  • technical feasibility analysis,

  • advice,

  • design,

  • production and realization,

  • installation and assembly,

  • after-sales assistance.


We are able to carry out works in steel and stainless steel, both on the customer's existing project and on our own design. We offer qualified technical advice and design assistance, even in the phase following the delivery of the product.

For the design of customized works , we make use of an internal studio made up of a team of professionals who are experienced in metalworking and in the use of the technological tools essential to create quality works.

Lanari Srl works to satisfy the customer at every stage, starting with the design carried out using innovative software that allow the design development of the 3D design .

The construction of the steel product is carried out entirely within our company, using a fleet of machines of proven efficiency and which is frequently renewed with the most modern technologies available on the market.

We also follow the finishing of the product with due diligence and precision and, if required, we take care of assembly and / or installation and / or transport , directly at the customer's premises.

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Our workshop currently boasts some of the most competitive machinery in the industry, such as:

  • HYPERTHERM HPR260 high definition plasma generator and oxy-cutting for sheet metal processing of any thickness and shape.

  • FICEP model EXCALIBUR drilling plant for drilling beams: HEA, HEB, HEM, UPN, angled and boxed. Work surface 12 mt.

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