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A material with a slender and light structure that provides valid solutions in almost all situations, allowing to design Stairs and Railings that are reliable on the outside and of considerable stylistic value inside.

Lanari Group designs and manufactures Stainless Steel Stairs and Railings of any shape and size: the products are created according to different needs with different types of finishes, glossy or opaque, classic or particular, with the addition of materials such as wood and glass , to create a finished work, with a valuable design and a strong aesthetic impact, and which, at the same time, is based on solid and reliable technical solutions, structurally effective and always efficient.

Some types of stainless steel processing that can be carried out:

● Stainless steel stairs with glass parapet
● Stainless steel stairs with stainless steel parapets and railings
● Stainless steel spiral staircases with curved glass parapet and steel handrail
● Spiral staircases in stainless steel and wood with stainless steel parapets
● Stainless steel railings for external ramps
● Stainless steel railings for internal stairs


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