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In recent years, Italy has seen - correctly - a greater interest in the structural safety of buildings. The static nature of the building - and therefore its duration over time and its level of safety, useful for guaranteeing the safety of the people and assets present - can be affected by multiple external factors (changes to the ground due to human intervention or to natural settlements, for example) which, if neglected, can lead to a change in the original conditions, with a serious worsening of the risk of failure and the consequent appearance of dangerous structural flaws.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to rely on expert hands and promptly implement the most useful interventions to stem critical situations, working towards the repair or strengthening of the structures concerned.

The Lanari company , thanks to the high level of experience and specialization gained in metalworking and in the building sector in general, has the ability to offer its customers solutions for all problems of a structural or conservative nature, making use of all vanguard for the restoration, static reinforcement and anti-simic adaptation of both civil and corporate buildings.


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